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Preservation of history through community.

Before there was Red Bluff Bar, this historic location served as the Silot Depot, a train station operated by AmTrak from 1989 to 1995. After AmTrak discontinued service through Montgomery the silos were given new life, serving as a catalyist for community while highlighting local entertainment and nightlife. The name "Red Bluff Bar" was chosen after Montgomery's historic marker, High Red Bluff, which is still seated alongside the Riverfront today. Also called Hostile Bluff or Thirteen Mile Bluff, this area once served as a catalyst for transportation and commerce, with the arrival of the first steamboat, the Harriet, in 1821, as well as the first railroad in 1880. A tunnel system under the railroad tracks was built in 1879 to assist horse-drawn wagons transporting cotton.  

Today, Red Bluff Bar is designed to once again enhace Montgomery's scenic Riverfront by offering a thoughtful space for all of the city to sit and celebrate. Part of Vintage Hospitality Group, Red Bluff Bar is sure to be the city's new, favorite summer spot! Come out and join us for a beer, glass of wine, or a cocktail! Set to open Summer 2022.

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